Christmas Countdown 

Week beginning 3rd December -practise SATs week for Y6

Monday 3rd December at 2pm- Y3-Y6 Carol Service at Walker Dome

Thursday 6th December 9:30 & 2:00- Y5 show

Friday 7th December 9:30 & 2:00- Y3 show

Monday 10th December 9:30 – RYK show

Monday 10th December 9:30 & 2:00– Y4 show

Tuesday 11th December 9:30– NT show

Tuesday 11th December 9:30 & 2:00– Y2 show

Wednesday 12th December– Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper day

Thursday 13th December 9:30 – NH show

Thursday 13th December 9:30 & 2:00– Y6 show

Friday 14th December 9:30– RH show

Friday 14th December 9:30 & 2:00– Y1 show

Monday 17th December 9:30– RG show

Monday 17th December 11:30– pre-nursery show

Monday 17th December pm– Y3 party

Monday 17th December– Y1-Y6 visits to the church

Tuesday 18th December pm– NT party

Tuesday 18th December am– Y2 party

Tuesday 18th December pm– Y4 party

Wednesday 19th December am– Y1 party

Wednesday 19th December pm– Y5 party

Wednesday 19th December pm– Rec party

Thursday 20th December am– Pre-nursery party

Thursday 20th December pm- NH party

Thursday 20th December pm– Y6 party

Friday 21st December am– house treat

Friday 21st December– last day of school


 NED the reading puppy

My name is Ned and I am a cockapoo. I am hypoallergenic- that means that even people with allergies to dogs will be OK around me. I live with Debi Bailey who is CEO of NEAT and I am a puppy. I want to be a reading dog when I grow up! When I am trained, I am going to spend time in all of the NEAT schools encouraging reading. I can’t wait to meet everyone and to help make a difference to all of our wonderful families. If you don’t know what a reading dog is, you can get more information by visiting:

Bark and Read- the kennel club

Pets as Therapy- Read2Dogs

Once I am fully trained, I will keep you up to date with my Twitter page but for now, I will be spending a little bit of time in the schools so they can get to meet me and I can get to meet you (hopefully).


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