Adventures of the Attendance Bears

Our Attendance Bears
We have an Attendance Bear for each class in Early Years. The bears love coming to school every day to learn and play with their friends. Each weekend the bears look for someone, with excellent attendance, to go home with to have a fun adventure. Each bear has their own special adventure book, where all of the adventures are stored. 
The Attendance Bears are very friendly and like to be included in all of your family activities. 
They have been bowling, football, dancing and swimming. They like to play on the park with swings and slides. They have celebrated birthdays, Christmas, christenings and weddings. They have ridden on scooters, bikes and motorbikes. They love travelling in cars, on the metro and trains. They have visited the beach, cinemas and the farm. They like to go shopping and ride around in the trolley. They like reading stories, watching films and playing with toys. They make friends with other teddies and pets. They like to dress up and play games. They enjoy baking and trying all for the delicious food you eat.