Walkergate Community School

“Together we make the difference.”


What the values mean in school
What do they mean to you?



• We are responsible for the well being of ourselves, our children and each other
• We are responsible for ensuring that we are well presented and well prepared
• We are responsible for ensuring  all of our children make outstanding progress and be the best they can be



• We are respectful to all members of the school community
• We respect Walkergate Primary and what it stands for
• We respect that we are the role models and have to be ‘what we want to see’



• We are professional and respond to feedback
• We use our time well and take an active role in school life
• We act positively to new opportunities and towards each other


NEAT Vision for 2018-2021

We belong to an innovative, sustainable trust working collaboratively with partners to share our vision and values that enables all learners within our influence to be well prepared personally, socially and academically for the next stage of their lives in a changing world.

Principles of the NEAT Curriculum

The NEAT curriculum is rooted with the child but has an eye to the future

•Includes real life experiences
•Provides opportunities to broaden horizons
•Is influenced by the child and their interests/passions/ needs/ skills
•Will include a hook to engage students with the context, knowledge, topics to be covered and an outcome wherever possible
•Is relevant
•Provides quality links to later life skills
•Goes beyond the National Curriculum
•Provides opportunities to broaden horizons

Characteristics of NEAT learner




Effective communicator