My name is Ned and I am a cockapoo. I am hypoallergenic- that means that even people with allergies to dogs will be OK around me. I live with Debi Bailey who is CEO of NEAT and I am a puppy. I want to be a reading dog when I grow up! When I am trained, I am going to spend time in all of the NEAT schools encouraging reading. I can’t wait to meet everyone and to help make a difference to all of our wonderful families. If you don’t know what a reading dog is, you can get more information by visiting:

Bark and Read- the kennel club

Pets as Therapy- Read2Dogs

Once I am fully trained, I will keep you up to date with my Twitter page but for now, I will be spending a little bit of time in the schools so they can get to meet me and I can get to meet you (hopefully).


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