Phonics Programme and Reading Schemes in KS1

Phonics in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

We know the value of a solid foundation in phonics. Learning the letter sounds and names, and the skills to blend and segment words is vital to a child’s early reading. Across these year groups the children are taught a discrete phonics session every day in their differentiated group. We make sure our phonic sessions are active and fun! We use many resources from the well-known Jolly Phonics Scheme and all of our children are taught the sounds through stories, rhymes and actions.


At Walkergate Primary School we use a reading scheme as well as real books. As soon as a child begins school they will be given a reading book. Each class teacher will let the parents know when and how these books are changed. Our school’s reading scheme is colour banded and each colour is divided into road, street then avenue. The books in the ‘road’ section are from our Oxford Reading Scheme and are structured and levelled to ensure that the child can take steady and progressive steps towards reading. When the child is confident at this level they will be able to read books from ‘street and avenue’. These book are not from a scheme and are real books, they offer challenge and enjoyment to the child before they move onto the next colour.

Throughout the year we hold regular workshops for parents about the teaching of phonics and reading. If you would like to know more please speak to your child's class teacher.