Top 10 Tips for Parents/Carers

 Top 10 Tips


At Walkergate Community School we want to help all children be as ready as possible for school and continue to learn and discover exciting new things. The following top 10 tips are day to day things you can do with your child to give them the best possible start.

  • Encourage your child to feed themselves with a knife, fork and spoon, and to drink from a cup without a lid. Try not to worry about spillages and encourage your child to help clear up afterwards.
  •  Encourage your child to dress and undress by themselves and put on their own coat or shoes. It may take a lot of time but children love to do things on their own and with your praise will feel proud when it is achieved.
  •  Find time for your child to meet and play with other children and adults. This will build their social skills and confidence. Attending a pre-nursery, nursery or child minder is important in preparation for starting school.
  •  When your child is expressing feelings through their behaviour, help them to understand what they are feeling by naming the emotions to them. For example if your child is pleased to receive a new toy you could say, “Isn’t it lovely to have a new toy”.
  •  Establish family routines that ensure good eating and sleeping habits. Plenty of good quality sleep and a healthy balanced diet are very important for your child’s brain development and health.
  •  Play, talk, listen and spend time with your child as much as possible, responding to them in gentle and loving ways. This helps them to have a healthy bond with you and will encourage them to have healthy bonds with others.
  •  Sing songs, nursery rhymes and share books. Add new words to what they know by talking about everyday things or what interests them.
  •  Encourage your child to draw and do pretend writing. Try writing shopping lists, and drawing pictures of family members or pets.
  •  When you ask questions give your child time to think before they answer. Their brains are not as developed as adults, so they need time to organise their thoughts and ideas before they can reply.
  •  Help your child to get to know their school before starting and share as much information as you can with the school about your child, what they like and enjoy and what they already know and can do.